Graduated at World´s oldest and biggest Photography school:

About Miro Zilaji (alias Miro de Niro)

   More than 30 years ago a small Kodak Point & Shoot landed in my hands and shaped my life from that moment on. Capturing light became my obsession.  Struggles with several small cameras, losing a "Zenit" to theft during sleeping on a beach in  Saintes Maries de la  Mer  (France),  just increased the "hunger" for the photography.       


   The first milestone was joining a local Photo Club.  I started developing films and photos and learning the craft from  "old boys".  The next milestone was buying my first Nikon N6006 in New York on a journey through Nord and South America. That was  6 months of enjoying life, learning Portuguese, "living" different cultures, people, habits,... and ... making photos.  After getting my B. Sc. in  Electronics and Master's degree in Management (MBA) the corporate world opened the doors wide.


   Corporate and my private businesses slowed a bit my "photography journey" for years but I never put the camera down.  I have graduated at the New York Institute of Photography and finally, the circle starts closing. I am again enjoying the life in full with my cameras and continuing to add new countries to the list of already visited  (currently at 51   :)  ) .

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